Fantasy Rugby Predictions
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The aim of the game is simple, predict the winning team and margin of victory for various Rugby matches. You are awarded points for the accuracy of your predictions and compete against other players from the Rugby Predictions community.


  1. Getting Started
  2. Creating & Joining Leagues
  3. Making Predictions
  4. Changing Predictions
  5. Deadlines
  6. Scoring Points
  7. Video Demonstration
  8. Tips
  9. Badges
  10. Prizes


If you aren't already a member, visit the sign up page to register your team. You will need to provide a unique team name to join and complete all fields in the form.

Once you are registered, sign in and start by viewing existing leagues on the 'Leagues' tab


On the 'Leagues' tab you can see the leagues of which you are currently a member. Choose a league to join or create your own leagues to share with other players.

You can join 1 public league and up to 3 private leagues.

To create a league, select the Create League button. You will have a choice of either public or private league.
Public leagues are available to all players to join (more on that later).
Private leagues are not listed publicly, and require a code to join.
Simply enter the name (and code for private leagues) into the field and select Create. You will need to join any newly-created league.

To join a new league, select the Join League button. You will have a choice of either public or private league.
To join a public league, simply choose from the drop-down list and select Join. Joining a new public league will overwrite the public league you are currently a member of. This will not affect any of your scores.
To join a private league, enter the league name and league code and select Join. You can join up to 3 private leagues and will need to leave one in order to join another if you are already a member of 3.


Once you have joined a league and are ready to start competing with other players, head to the 'Predict' page to see the latest round.

Predict the winning team by selecting a team crest then select the margin of victory (win margin) from the drop-down menu.

When you have finished predicting, select the 'Predict' button at the bottom of the page to submit your predictions.

You can view your predictions history and all points scored, round-by-round on the My Predictions page.

Predicting Draws:

Draws happen in Rugby Union less than 3% of the time, statistically it's not worth a punt so we don't allow draws to be predicted.


If you need to update your predictions, re-enter them and hit the 'Predict' button again. You can change your predictions all the way up until the weekly deadline.


The deadline for each rounds' predictions is each Friday at game time (usually 7:45pm for Premiership, 7:35pm for PRO14), There is a deadline countdown on the 'Predict' page to assist you.


You are rewarded points for the accuracy of your predictions. The point scoring system works as follows:

  • 10 points for predicting the correct home/away win margin

  • 4 points for predicting the correct home/away win margin within 3 points

  • 3 points for predicting the correct home/away win margin within 4-6 points

  • 2 points for predicting the correct home/away win margin within 7-10 points

  • 1 point for predicting the correct home/away winner

  • 5 bonus points are awarded for predicting all correct home/away winners in any single round

  • European Cups and Rugby World Cup: 10 bonus points are awarded for predicting all correct home/away winners in any single round

  • You must correctly predict the home/away winner to score points, regardless of guessing the correct win margin.
    Match results are updated as soon as possible following the conclusion of each match.

    Leagues are updated at approx 9PM each Sunday (Prem/PRO14/European Cups) or following the successful conclusion of every match in a single round (Rugby World Cup).



    • Home-field advantage is important in Rugby. In the English Premiership, teams win on average 65% of their home games. It's 61% in the Pro14 and 61% in the 6 Nations. Compare this to away win percentages; 36% (Premiership), 30% (Pro14) & 37% (6 Nations).

    • Domestic leagues are competitive, some more than others, and especially during International windows. This means lower-placed teams often upset the higher placed teams. Pay attention to the International schedule.

    • Team selection is important - teams in safe league positions often field weaker teams during International windows and in the run-up to big games i.e. Champions Cup finals.

    • Is a team in a slump? Form is important, so look at the last 5 games form indicator on the predict page for insight. Our social media feeds often highlight trends and previous statistics between teams, which can help you make decisions so be sure to check those out.


    You will earn badges for your achievements, such as predicting every result, highest points scored in a round, all the way up to winning a competition. These can be found on the My Profile page.


    • Global League 1st Prize (Premiership Rugby, PRO14): 1x Domestic Club Shirt*
    • Global League 1st Prize (Six Nations & Rugby World Cup): 1x International Club Shirt*

    *Club/Nation and home/away design of player choosing, available on classic shirts only (non professional shirt replicas).


    Please use our feedback form to submit any questions or contact us directly at We love to hear from you!